Pastor & Staff

Rev. Austin J. Young


The Rev. Austin J. Young is a native of Grand Rapids, MI. He is a graduate of the historic Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA and the University of Cape Town in Cape Town, South Africa. Additionally, Rev. Young has received his Master of Divinity Degree from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C with a specialization in African American Church Leadership Studies.
Young is an Ordained Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (A.M.E. Zion Church) and has served as the Administrative Minister of the Union Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church in Washington, D.C. Rev. Young then went to become the pastor of the St. Paul A.M.E. Zion Church in Media, Pennsylvania. Currently, Pastor Young is the Pastor of the John Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church in Southfield, MI. Within the denomination, Rev. Young holds numerous positions, most namely: Co-Assistant Director of Small Group Discipleship  & the Connectional Community Development Team Leader. Ecumenically, Rev. Young is a council member on the World Methodist Council and the The World Council of Churches.
Coupled with ministry, Rev. Young is also involved in community engagement. Young’s work is motivated by the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who paraphrased Matthew 10:16, “To have a tough mind, and a tender heart.”

Rev. Yvette Lyles

Administrative Minister

The Administrative Minister assists the Senior Pastor in providing an efficient and effective overall ministry. The Minister provides leadership to all of the ministries,  worship planning, and to provide assistance in church management. 

Alan Hunt, I

Chairman of the Trustee Board

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees serves as similar to a "Board of Directors" leader. The Trustees are responsible for the physical church property and to uphold the laws/practices of the church.

Aderemi Adedokun

Chairman of the Steward Board

The Chairman of the Steward Board, leads to the board in management of the finances and care of the pastor and family.

Michael Gordon, Sr.

Pastor's Steward

The Pastor's Steward is chiefly responsible for the care of the pastor and family. Additionally, serves as a voice and representative for the congregation.

Administrative Staff

Kailla Ogunnupe

Administrative Assistant

Glenda Stainback

Financial Assistant

Ministerial Team

Rev. Willie Perkins

Minister of Congregational Care
The Minister of Congregational Care is to assist the Pastor with providing Christ-like care to all members of the congregation. Through visitation, hospital visits, and regular communications with members.
Contact: revwillie@jwamezsouthfield.org

Rev. Polly Talison

Minister of Discipleship
The Minister of Discipleship is to assist the pastor with leading the church to grow deeper in their relationship with God. To help focus the church on the Great Commission and the tenets of development/growth in God.
Contact: revpolly@jwamezsouthfield.org 

Rev. Kathy Hunt

Minister of Evangelism & Minister to Women
The Minister of Evangelism is to help lead the church in fulfilling the Great Commission and its evangelistic efforts.
The Minister to Women will provide spiritual oversight and programming that is geared towards the support and development of women.
Contact: revkathy@jwamezsouthfield.org

Rev. Ruth Usher

Minister of Social & Spiritual Support
The Minister of Social & Spiritual Support will assist the Pastor in providing crisis care, counseling referrals, and social services support. Additionally, the minister will exert gifts in healing and deliverance ministry services.
Contact: revruth@jwamezsouthfield.org 

Rev. Alinda Miller

Minister of Outreach & Public Relations
The Minister of Outreach and Public Relations is responsible for ensuring that the church stays connected to the community. Representing and marketing the church in various spaces throughout the Detroit Metro area. Additionally is the manager of the Gloo Platform - worldwide online outreach ministry.
Contact: revalinda@jwamezsouthfield.org

Rev. Judie Stewart

Minister of Music & Fine Arts
The Music & Fine Arts Minister is to schedule, arrange, and oversee all music, dance, mime, theatrical, etc. components of the church.
Contact: revjudie@jwamezsouthfield.org 

Rev. Evelyn Ekeng-Okon

Minister of Prayer
The Minister of Prayer is to assist the Pastor with leading the congregation in developing a vibrate prayer ministry. To lead in intercession and provide teaching in prayer.
Contact: prayer@jwamezsouthfield.org 

Sis. Kailla Ogunnupe

Minister of Media
The Media Minister provides leadership to our photography, social media, audio, and video teams.
Contact: media@jwamezsouthfield.org

Bro. Edward Heard

Minister of Prison Ministry
The Minister of Prison Ministry is tasked with starting a prison ministry and partnering with other community organizations to provide spiritual support and encouragement to the imprisoned population.

Rev. LaKeasha Fitzpatrick

Ministerial Intern
The Ministerial Intern is a training position to give insight and lesson of pastoral ministry. Under the guidance the pastor, the Intern is an observatory position to explore the various avenues of active ministry within the local church. The position will be inclusive of witnessing:. Additional ministry training will be provided on a regular basis.
Contact: revlakeasha@jwamezsouthfield.org 

Rev. Dr. Edwin Harris

Minister on Loan
Rev. Dr. Edwin Harris is on Loan to pastor in the United Methodist Church.

Rev. Frank W. Jackson, IV

Minister on Loan
Rev. Frank W. Jackson, IV is on Loan to the United Christian Church.

Support Staff

Carlton Lyles

Project Manager

Valeri Stansbery

Events Coordinator

Marlowe Crawford, II

Senior Media Technician

Quan Dillahunty

Video Production Manager

Samuel Adedokun

Media Production Manager

Tyler Hardy

Graphic Designer

Andrew Harris

Audio Engineer

Quan Dillahunty

Video Production Manager